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The Musicians of BeAlma

Bandleader, Musical Composition & Arrangement

Bansuri Flutes, Violin, Bouzouki, Mandolin,

Irish Whistle and Nhee

Multi-instrumentalist, composer and master of the niggun, Nir Motzeri is known for his virtuosity on a wide range of ethnic and traditional instruments.  His extensive repertoire ranges from Middle-Eastern, Gypsy-Klezmer, Greek, North African, Indian, Irish and American Bluegrass.  In 2014, Nir released his debut album, “To Make Her Happy,” featuring 12 original niggunim written during the journeys that defined Nir's early musical career.  Nir regularly performs his original work on stage with BeAlma.  During his early years Nir toured with David D’Or and spent four years as a front-man for Amir Benayoun.  Nir is a beloved studio musician and continues to record with multiple artists in Israel.


To Learn More or to Buy Nir's Album please visit:

Nir Motzeri

Yanush Hurwitz


Yanush is an internationally accomplished accordion player and largely recognized as one of the best accordionists in the country.  He achieved distinction in the Israeli Army, completing a course for resident musicians of outstanding talent in addition to the Bachelor's Degree in Accordion that he obtained from The  Academy of Music in Jerusalem.  Yanush's repertoire is extensive; ranging from  classical music, tango, French, Balkan, Klezmer, Jewish, Irish and Arabic. 

Yanush has toured extensively abroad in Russia, France, The Balkans, Italy, Germany and recently India performing Nir Motzeri's original music. 

Yanush also performs with the Arab-Jewish Orchestra, Niggun Yerushalmi, Yitzchak Meir as well as being a founding member of Klezmer Group: Di Gasn Trio.

Yoni Sharon


An expert percussionist and dazzling showman, Yoni Sharon gives BeAlma their signature searing rhythms and grooves.  A student of the world-reknowned Zohar Presco, Yoni is a master of percussion, playing frames, congos, rik, timbales, djembe, darbuka and more.  


Yoni also performs with Nir Motzeri's Ensemble and recieved rave reviews for his virtuosity during their tour of India late last year.  One of the most sought-after percussionists in Israel, Yoni is also known for his incredible work with Niggun Yerushalmi and performances with David Da'Or, Kobi Afflalo, Selser Band, Rumbaladi, Yaron Pe'er and Yitzchok Meir. 

Asaf Rabi

Asaf is an accomplished bass player with over a decade of professional stage experience.  He holds a Jazz Degree from the prestigious Amsterdam Conservatory of Music.  A player with incredible range, Asaf’s repertoire features grooves from around the world, spanning from Latin American to Indian through Africa to the Balkans.  Asaf has played with many well-known artists including Avaraham Freed, Yehoram Gaon and Amir Benayoun.  


Also a member of Nir Motzeri's ensemble, Nir specifically selected Asaf for both his work and BeAlma for Asaf's incredible ability to bring new dimensions of groove across an endless range of genres and styles.

Electric Bass & Contrabass

Ido Maimon


Ido is one of the most sought after drummers in Israel, achieving international acclaim for his flawless execution of multiple musical genres and styles. Mentored by the legendary Joe Morello, Ido boasts a large resume of performances and recordings with top artists from the worlds of pop, rock, jazz, middle-eastern, ethnic, blues, country, big and small band, funk, R&B, aftro-cuban and afro-Brazilian styles. Known for his clean warm sound and electric stage presence, Ido Maimon gives BeAlma its driving rhythms, beats, and grooves.  


Ido is the favorite drummer of many names on the Israeli music scene, including Ishai Levi, Eyal Golan, Chaim Moshe, Ofer Levy, Itai Levi, Micky Gavrielov, David D'Or. Recently Ido opened an online recording service where he records original drum track for producers both in Israel and abroad.

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